What you'll find in this guide

Resources fall into these categories: organizations, which includes links to gateways (pages of links or print resources) as well as to specific organizations themselves; funding, which links to scholarships and grant information; events, which links to conferences and workshops for women in science; advice, which includes articles and blogs by academic women about life in science, as well as networking sites; reports and statistics from different organizations about how women are faring; and a few pages highlighting the history of women in science.

The links are in alphabetical order on each page.
(Upcoming events are in chronological order.) The resources have been chosen because they are up-to-date and relevant. Links usually go directly to the relevant page on a website. For this reason, the same organizations are linked to from different sections of the guide.

What's not here

Women can and do use many of the same resources as men to find funding, jobs, and other career support. These non-gender specific resources aren't included here simply to keep the guide focused and manageable.